From the Cheap Seats

Thursday, August 19

Why Show?

A couple of friends and I went down to AC recently to catch some low limit (2/4 - 3/6) Hold em games. First of all, I gotta say that this recent explosion of poker (the Moneymaker effect) is making it crazy to play on any given weekend night. We showed up at the Borgata at 5 pm on a Saturday and I was 74th in line! Now, I realize the Borgata's poker room is not one of the largest in world but 74th is ridiculous. Needless to say, we didn't wait and headed over to the Taj for a more reasonable 10 person wait for a 3/6 wait.

Anyway, back to my point. We were playing at the Borgata the next day and one of my friends is getting a torrent of horrible cards. It was just one of those sessions where no matter how long we sat there he couldn't get a playable hand. As he got emotional, he started to turn over his losing hands in anger. In one hand, his full house loses to the higher boat and he flips over his hand. While showing it may give him an emotional outlet, what does he really gain from doing this? He essentially is letting us all know that it wasn't a bluff. Leaving us guessing here might be a good idea here since he generally plays without too many bluffs. All in all he took out his frustrations by giving us all the extra information about his hands when he could have mucked it and walked around for a few minutes. Or maybe I am missing something? Do his possible losses due to the extra information out weigh his possible losses if he goes on tilt?

So, why show?