From the Cheap Seats

Sunday, August 22

Dealer's Choice

This weekend I went down to Miami for my cousins wedding.  Amid all the standard small talk and "I haven't seen you since you were this big" (referring to the size of a small dog) conversations, I ran into a couple of guys who were "really into poker."  You know these guys.  They are at every party.  They are just itching to tell you about how good they are at poker and how they play all the time.  At this point I am hopeful that maybe they are actually referring to poker but of course this becomes painfully obvious as they respond that they usually play a Dealer's Choice kind of game involving such favorites as Guts, Follow the Bitch, Anaconda, etc.  There we had it.  There went all chance of actually having a good conversation about poker.  I would think that with the recent poker explosion you would get more people who knew what they were talking about and had begun to play real poker games.  I don't want to sound elitist here or anything but while those games may be fun over a bunch of beer to screw around with they are not poker.  After a while I tried to convince them that there is a lot more to poker in Hold em, Omaha, Stud etc.  Through all this, they mention that they have played a few times on PartyPoker.  I would love to meet these guys at a game online.  I guess its time to refund that account.  Candy from a baby.

All in all though, the trip was great.  I mean I can't complain about a couple of days on the beach in beautiful weather.  Anyway, now that I am back in New York, hopefully I can turn my attention back and start to post some more interesting topics.  More to come on that soon...