From the Cheap Seats

Monday, August 30

Homegames and Protests

Not too much poker this weekend as I tried to take advantage of the good weather. So I spent Saturday out on a boat enjoying the sun. Sunday I spent a good portion of my day watching the protests around the Republican National Convention in the city. Some pretty crazy stuff going on down there. I have never seen so many cops. At least I know I won’t be getting a speeding ticket this week.

Anyway, I did get to play some poker last night in a home game though unfortunately not in the Monty Memorial (congrats to Iggy, sounds like it was a pretty good time). It was a great night for me there. I was up 32BB! This was probably my best performance in this game (not sure since I didn’t start tracking it until recently, doh). I tried to play a little more aggressively than I have been in the past. That seemed to pay off, though we will see after a few more attempts with it.

One interesting hand to note, our third hand featured 2 players going all in at the river (mind you this was a limit game) with a couple of boats. The winner doubled up with Jack full of Aces (AJo) to the losers Tens full of Jacks (TT). There was a straight and a flush possibility on the board so it was a pretty crazy hand to see go all in at a limit game.

Most of my winnings were on fairly average sized pots. None very interesting to report. All in all, as expected, it looks like the aggressive play paid off especially short handed (5-6 players). Hopefully next time I will join you guys at the next blogger tournament.
On a completely separate note, does anyone know of a forum where people share hand histories to come up with a larger dataset? I would think this exists somewhere though I am not sure since I would think a lot of people would want some anonymity.