From the Cheap Seats

Thursday, September 30

Been a while...

I have been very remiss in not posting for a while. To be honest I have not been too busy just more focused on my game and the holes in it than blogging about more losses. Poker Tracker has been quite helpful. Seriously, if you haven't bought it yet it's a must if you are serious about tracking your play. There seems to be a lot of talk out there about how to best utilize it. Maybe I will try and get something together and post it here. I will definitely try.

Anyway, not much new to report on the poker front. Still having some trouble online and working on plugging up the holes in my game. It's been helping that my girlfriend opened up a Party account. By the way, I definitely created a monster there. Anyway, talking to her about why/how she should play in certain situations is definitely helping me out come up with a string theoretical background for my game. They always say a teaching is the best way to learn. I will be on Party tonight to see if we can get a bloggers game going. Check out Sirfwalgman's post about it here. Hopefully, I won't go on tilt as I watch the presidential debate getting frustrated with both candidates. I am also looking forward to the next bloggers tournament. Iggy has a post about it here.

This week I played in a couple of home games. One of them was the weekly game at my apartment. We were a bit shorthanded but it was a pretty good game nonetheless. At least for me... I did well and took down about 20 BB I would say. There was lots of money flying around since one of the guys busted out 3 times for a total of 60 BB in 2 hours. Ouch! The other game I played at was a NLHE tournament at a coworkers place. It was a very tight passive game. After 2 hours or so 2 of 6 people had busted out and we were still going. We ended up closing up after a while and they let the chip leader (me) take home the cash. I wasn't complaining. How I became the chip lead was an interesting hand. I had 98o in the BB. No raises so I saw the flop. The flop was 985 rainbow. I made a healthy bet (about the size of the pot). Player to my left is a very loose aggressive player. He had made a lot of bluffs lately and definitely had a bit to drink. He went all in. Based on his style I put him on face-9. To his right was the chip lead at the time he thought about it and called. At this point, the pot is huge and I am quite torn. I figure the chip lead had to have either A9 or a set. I didn't think he had 76 as he wouldn't have been in the flop. I thought about it for a while and finally went all in (I had the first all in covered) since I was getting tired and I had a lot of outs. The first all in sure enough turned over JTo for an open ended straight draw. Chip lead had a set of 5s and I had 9's over 8's. The turn was a blank so I start to stand up to leave when the river comes with a beautiful 8 giving me the 8's full of 9's to his 5's full of 8's. I took a huge pot and became at least a 3-1 chip lead. Very fun hand.

Anyway, I hope to see some of you on Party/Empire tonight. Should be a fun game. As always thanks for stopping by.