From the Cheap Seats

Friday, October 1

Blogger on Blogger Action

I played a little .50/$1 with SirFWALGman, Double As, Todd, and one hot babe. As usual, I played poorly and got killed. I loosened up a lot with 4 players but probably too much. I was betting just about any face which made the game a lot more fun. Been a while since I have had a fun game online. Anyway, I had a good time blowing my money down the drain or rather my girlfriend's money since I have basically cashed out of Party. I think I have $6 left there. For now I am going to stick to Stars. I like it a lot better over there and I seem to play better there too. I kept Poker Tracker on during the game just cause the screen is not right without a PT window in the corner. Anyway, some pretty aggressive stats with double's aggression factor in the 5's! I finished the night with an all in with the hammer. Unfortunately, it didn't pay off and Sir took it down with A's up. You can check out the HH here. Hopefully we can do it again sometime with some more players!