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Friday, December 31

Destruction, Christmas, and a Happy New Year


Check out the following links:

BlogAid - Donate some Affiliate and Ad dollars to the relief effort

Map redrawn
- The quake was large enough to displace some of the islands by a few meters.

Pictures - Woman goes after her group as the tsunamis are seen in the distance.

Aerial Photos - Aerial photos of the damage.

- NY Times photos (these are pretty graphic)


I just got back from Miami. What a great way to spend Christmas. Most people are always looking out for a White Christmas but its the sandy ones I'll take anyday. While the midwest was getting blanketed in snow, I enjoyed 8 days by the pool/beach. 70 perfect degrees. Anyway, I guess I should stop rubbing it in. You can check out my girlfriend's moblog pictures from the trip here.


Nothing really to report on that front. I did not have any internet access while in Miami (gasp!). Not that I would have played any poker there when I could be outside. They should get some WiFi access by the pool areas. I will be trying Absolute poker this week now that I am settling back into the routine. I am also hitting up some more Casino bonuses. More to come on that. I will also be able to make it back to the weekly home game this weekend.

Happy New Years to all! May the poker gods treat you well in 2005!