From the Cheap Seats

Saturday, November 20

A good day

I finally got to play again today even if it was only for a short while. I was playing 2 tables, 2/4 on PokerStars and .5/1 on TGC for the OIC. Speaking of which, what is with the enormous waits for 3/6 on Stars lately? There are easily 20 people waiting yet no one will start a new table. Very annoying. Anyway, the line for 2/4 was much smaller so I jumped on one of those tables. I think I only played like 100 hands on each site. Both went well though. At the Stars table, I was +20 BB. Both great cards and good play. I was making great reads on weak plays and punishing it. We had a couple No-fold-em-until-the-river-fold-em players. Needless to say these were very profitable. At one point I get dealt the hammer in the CO and it folds around to me. I popped it up and continued to bet it through the river when the BB finally folded. I had been getting a lot of respect for my raises before this (mostly due to the great cards I was getting early on) so I showed him the 72. He was not pleased and went on a tirade about how I could bet so much with absolutely nothing. Fun to watch. On the TGC table, I had more modest gains of 10 BB. Nothing interesting there though. Since its .5/1, I really have to play my best. We had like 5 players to the SD at one point. Anyway, being patient helped that out a lot. I think the 2 tabling prevent bad play due to boredom. This has been a real issue for me in the past. Maybe I should do this more. The OIC is a good opportunity to do it since its so little money right now.

After Day 2:
$57.25 (+10.25)
Level: .5/1
107th after Day 1

This weekend I will be off for an early Thanksgiving dinner and some early season skiing so probably no poker until the home game Sunday. Finally, ski season has arrived! Hopefully, there is some decent snow. Thanks for stopping by.