From the Cheap Seats

Monday, October 11

Putting your moves on

Home Game

My home game last night seemed to discover the preflop raise. Normally this is a pretty passive game. 3 betting any round generally wins the pot without a showdown. Last night it was a completely different story. Loose Aggressive became the latest fad with a raised preflop and 3-4 callers (out of 5 players) being par for the course. Made for a very different game than I have been seeing there for the past few months and a welcome change from the same play week after week. Everyone also finally agreed to double the stakes. I have been pushing for that or a switch to a NL game for a while. 1 for 2 is not bad. This should hopefully liven the game up a bit. It's been getting a little boring for a while there when we stopped getting new players.
We also had quite a freak set of cards there for a while. In 2 hours, we had AA dealt 6 times, 3 of them to the same player. This same guy was dealt JJ 3 times and made quads 2 of those times. Needless to say he had a huge chip lead for a while.


My online slide continues. I have plugged a few holes and definitely slowed it down but looking through my last few weeks it is also the cards I am being dealt. I have been getting really horrible cards and even worse flops when I do get playable hands. I have been able to keep control though and have not resorted to my standard response of loosening drastically. Now I just need to ride out the storm.

Going Pro

I don't understand the flurry of people out there working to go pro. I really do not have a desire to do that. Poker is a hobby for me. I really enjoy thinking about strategy, playing, etc. but doing it for a living would kill my love for it. As a software developer, on most nights the last thing I want to do is to go home and stare at a computer. I used to be interested in side projects in college but now that is totally gone. After 8 hours in front of user issues and crappy code, I can't stand to look at another line of it when I am out of here. I think going pro would produce the same thing. On top of all that, the life of a poker player with all the travel does not seem that appealing. A lot of long nights and time away from family and friends. This is not to say that I don't catch myself daydreaming at times about making it in the poker world and taking home a multi-million dollar finish. For me though it is just that a day dream. Not something I am actively striving for.