From the Cheap Seats

Tuesday, October 26

Blogger Tourney

Should have posted this earlier, but here it is late anyway. I had a great time playing. 133 players is pretty crazy. Though I am sure Wil had a lot to do with that considering all the people going from table to table looking for him. Congratulations to MtDew and Todd on the top two spots.

Here is a recap of some of the hands:

Start off at a table with Chris and Wil.

Level 1: The table started out pretty tight at first as did I. Won the blinds a few times when i raised good hole cards. Dealt 42s in the SB. Everyone folds except the Button (Nolan 11) who limps so I call as well. Big blind folds. Flop is T77 (2 spades). I check and call a small bet. Turn is 5s. I bet and get called. River is Ah. Same thing and I take down T660 pot with a ten high flush.

Level 2: I get QQ in BB. All fold except SB who calls. I raise to 120 and get called. The flop is KQ8 rainbow. I bet all in and he folded. Should have slowplayed the set. I later get 99 in EP. I raised and am reraised by the button. Flop is TTT. I check and am raised all in. I thought I smelled a rat so I call and lose T1105 to JJ.

Level 3: Get dealt QQ again short stacked in EP. I raise and Chris calls. Flop is 982 rainbow. I bet all in and Chris calls. Turn is 6 with T river. I double up against Chris' JJ.

I am moved to a table with Iggy, helixx, and Todd.

Level 4: Dealt QJo UTG. I call as does dankhank and helix in the BB. Flop is AJT. Dankhank bets after our checks I call and we lose helix. Turn is a 2 and we see a free river of another 2. I check, dankhank bets, and I call since he had been pushing around chips with nothing. Sure enough he has 98o and I take down a T1550 pot.

Level 5: I come back from the break happy to have survived this far in NL. I only played 6 hands before the one that ended it for me. Dealt JJ in EP with only T785. I am raised by UTG and reraise all in and am called. Board is AT849. I lose to AJo who flopped an A.

I finished 86th. Not as bad as I expected for a NL tournament. I really don't know how much to raise at any given juncture. Still survived longer than some blogger greats so could have been worse. Thanks again to Iggy for setting it up.