From the Cheap Seats

Tuesday, January 18

The Good, the Bad, and the Really Ugly

I started out my weekend with some really ugly play. After hanging around Friday night not doing much, I was in a bad mood and decided to fire up Absolute for a short session. Now, alarm bells should have been going off all over the place. What the hell was I thinking sitting down at a table like that. From the moment I sat down, I might as well have asked everyone to pick on my stack. Luckily, the cards weren't so bad so I wasn't able to piss away too much money. I think it was 12 BB (though I don't have my spreadsheet with me).

Saturday was poker free. I did get to check out the new MoMA. If you live in/around New York, you should definitely check out the new museum. There are many great pieces in there though the crowds are a bit much right now. I also watched some football (Steelers game) and went out to a good seafood restaurant.

Sunday was back to poker. After watching 6 hours of football, we settled down to our weekly home game, aka the Bad. As we were waiting for a couple of players we started playing a little 1/2 LHE. Nothing very exciting though I was up a bit. Once everyone had arrived, we played a $40 NLHE Tournament. The tournament went alright. There were only 6 of us and I dropped in 3rd place (top 2 paid out). Unfortunately, Bluff-every-hand-until-my-stack-is-gone Danny came to play. I hate when he shows up. When I busted out, I went all in with 2 overcards to the flop after I thought I sensed weakness. Turns out he had top pair and I didn't get any help. Once we had finished up the tournament, we continued with some more LHE (2/4 this time). I was up again enough to cover my losses in the tournament and leave me slightly up for the night. Proving once again how much I suck at NL. I really have no sense of what size bet to make. I think I am giving away a lot of information in the size of my bet. Something I have to work on if we are going to play NL at my home game.

Yesterday, I had the day off since I work for a bank. My girlfriend had to work, so I thought it would be good time to spend the day in Atlantic City. I headed down there with my roommate and his girlfriend. As we drove up to the Borgata, it didn't look too crowded so I thought we were in for a short wait. I should have known better at the Borgata. Anyway, the wait for 3/6 and 2/4 was pretty crazy so I put my name on the 6/12 list which was only 12 players. I was a little nervous about it since I had never played anything higher than 5/10 and I had not played much at that level. Anyway, I was soon called for a new 6/12 table. Since it was a higher stake, I decided to play basic poker until I figured how tough the competition would be. Turns out it was not any better than 3/6. It was a loose and very passive table. I can easily count on the number of times there was a raise on the turn or river (most of which were either me or my roommate). I don't think I ever saw a reraise there. Me and my nervous hands, shot up quickly as the deck was hitting me over the head. I could do no wrong. Pocket Jacks and Aces flopping sets. K5s in the big blind getting a 4-flush including the A on the flop to which I raised and caught the nut flush on the turn. You get the idea. I quickly jumped up. Within 1 hour I was up 200 (16 BB or so). I hovered around there for a while as my cards cooled down but then it started again and I was up 350 by the third hour. Around this point, I heard my name called for a 3/6 seat. Ridiculous 3 hour wait. Anyway, I stayed at the 6/12 table, obviously. By the time the table broke up and it was time for me to go home (6.5 hours after I sat down), I was up 425 (35 BB).

So all in all it was a good weekend in terms of poker. The game on Monday really made me think of my Limit game and I think I am going to try to return some of my game to the basics. I don't want to be too results oriented especially with 1 session but I am going to try out a few things in reducing the number of "fancy" plays I incorporate in to my game. I am also going to start taking notes during my games so I can go back and reexamine some hands. I do a decent job of that now with PokerTracker for my online games but need to incorporate that into my live play as well. Thankfully, the ugly play came out at 3/6 and not the 6/12 game.