From the Cheap Seats

Monday, March 28

Good Poker Friday


Since I had the day off and my girlfriend was stuck at work, I went down to the Borgata on Friday. I got there around 10:30 and was happy to see that there was no wait for the 6/12 game. I bought some chips and away we went. I was in the 6s which I kind of like even though I don't have a good view of the 4 or 5 seats. The table started out loose aggressive preflop with very passive post flop play. I started out getting horrible starting hands. T3o, 92o, etc. In the three orbits, I only played my big blinds. At some point in here, the loud mouth in the 1s asks me is I am getting horrible cards or if I am really THAT tight. This seemed to help out quite a bit as the entire table took notice and I took away some big pots over the next hour. I would simply limp preflop and raise on the flop or turn and take down the pot. Eventually, I got called after doing this a few times and I changed gears to take advantage. All in all by lunch time I was up about 250. Not bad for 3 hours or so. After a quick break for some chicken fingers (thank you Borgata comp dollars), I headed back to the tables where I went card dead for a long time. I basically stayed around +250 for a few hours as I would win small pots here and there to sustain paying the blinds. Then, evil bluffing Danny came to visit. Two or three bad beats in a row and my aggression factor turned up. Slight tilt mixed with boredom I guess. I started ramming and jamming any pot I was involved in. With a few orbits of that coupled with the bad beats I was hurting. Down to about a little below even.

This is when the day turned for the second time. At this point, I was the player who had been there the longest. A series of new faces were gathered around. I guess the early morning weekday crew switched to the weekend crew. Anyway, no one remembered my earlier tight image. I had vanquished that with my LAG play in the last hour and the new players only saw me as a LAG. The 1s sucked out with JJ against my AT flopped two pair to spike a set on the river and commented on how he couldn't respect my bets with all the bluffing. That's what finally triggered me to get back into my game. I started playing my A-game again, and since I had a loose table image (weird feeling for me), I won some big pots. I played until about 8:30 PM and booked a $106 win. Not much considering how long I played for and my lack of concentration in the middle of the day. But an up day is an up day.

This was my second trip playing in the 6/12 game at the Borgata and it was as I remembered it from the first time. I think its an easier game than the 3/6 tables and with double the stakes a good bit more profit. If you aren't trying this game because you think it will be significantly harder than their 3/6 game you are dead wrong.

Vegas - Memorial Day

I finally booked my first trip to Vegas. Unfortunately, the plans started before the June WPBT tourney was announced so I won't be able to make that as I am taking off on June 1. Anyway, I am heading out there May 25 - June 1. I can't wait! If anyone has suggestions on what games I can't miss please let me know.

By the way, I haven't posted in quite some time (Jan 22nd!). It's not that I haven't been playing its just that I have not had anything remarkable to write about. This was my first live play since January. Hopefully, I will have some more stuff soon. If you are still stopping by (god knows why), thanks.