From the Cheap Seats

Wednesday, April 6

Back to the Party

We resumed our home game this week after what I think was a weeks off. The night started abysmally. I kept running into good boards that never panned out. Top two beat by straights at the river, blah, blah, blah. Anyway, I was down a buy in when things finally started to turn around and my hands held up. We had a couple crazy boards. In back to back hands, a flop of 333. Maybe I don't play a lot but that's pretty crazy. In the first hand someone had the case 3. Unfortunately, it wasn't me. Fun night which was a nice change of pace as we had a couple of pretty quiet games in weeks past.


Yesterday, I made it back to Party for the first time in quite a while. I played 3/6 for a couple of hours. All in all, a bad night. On my first table, I overplayed a couple of big hands where I overvalued my top pair. It drives me crazy when I go into that mode of just not believing that the other people at the table might have a hand. Anyway, 2 blown hands and a bunch of failed attempts when I did get cards and I ended down a bit. I think it was 10 BB or so (no PokerTracker at work). After a disconnect, I moved to a new table where I was able to focus better and pulled out a win. Mostly good hands held up. The only particularly interesting hand involved a board with a straight on it. I started out the hand with a slopped top pair which eventually turned into the straight. I had the next card up though and took away a nice win. My opponent ended up having A high throughout the hand and called it all the way down. I'll be back at the tables tonight, trying to stay focused. That remains my biggest issue when playing online. In live games, I have no problem but online I get bored or distracted and lose the little focus I have. No need to rehash the same topic I've mentioned before though.


I've been thinking lately of trying out some of the card rooms in NYC. Though I have some reservations. If one of these places gets busted while you are there, what kind of problems does this cause for the players? Do they get busted too? Where do you find these places? Anyway, I am going to email asphnxma and see if he has any advice. If anyone is reading this (I doubt it at this point), and you have some thoughts, drop me a comment.